Excerpts From 1,000 Comments On YouTube & Social Media That Can Change The Course Of Black People’s History & The Course Of White People’s History On This Planet Forever.




Chapter 1:  excerpts


YouTube Comments 1-50

Modern Science Is Now A Religion


1.         YOUTUBE - VOYSOV REASON - 9/28/2016 - 5:12 PM EDST - Unfortunately modern science is now a religion and no longer a methodology.  Something must create a process.  No process can create a process.  Life must first exist before it can evolve. Darwin was a fool and will always be a fool; as well as his believers and followers. Commented on Top Ten Excuses for Belief in God, and Why They Fail. A skeptic examines the claims of Christians.


The Real Denmark Vesseys & Nat Turners Are Not Tweeting On Twitter


2.         YOUTUBE – YVETTE CARNELL - 10/26/2016 -11:56 AM EDST - The real Brigham Youngs, Denmark Vesseys and Nat Turners are not tweeting on Twitter or opining and/or commenting on Facebook and/or YouTube.  If you are serious about Genuine Black Economic Empowerment and changing our future in America and on this planet for real, go to  Commented on An Urgent Message from Yvette Carnell


Black Dollars Don’t Count


3.        YOUTUBE – ZOWHATSHOW – 10/26/2016 – 12:11 PM EDST - Black dollars don't count unless there is legal and systematic organization.  If you are serious about Genuine Black Economic Empowerment and changing our future in America and on this planet for real, go to  Commented on Topic: What If Black Dollars "DON'T" Count? 10-24-16


If Black Men & Women Want To Change Our Pitiful Status In America


4.         YOUTUBE – DR. BOYCE WATKINS – 10/28/2016 – 6:15 AM EDST - If Black men and women want to change our pitiful status in America, we must utilize structures and ideologies that can deliver the desired results.  Therefore, the kind of information that is needed to address the issues that are plaguing Black people worldwide (the persistent and historical lack of Genuine Black Economic Empowerment) is not conducive to tweeting on Twitter or commenting on Facebook and/or YouTube because of the in depth knowledge that is required.  If you are serious about Genuine Black Economic Empowerment and changing our condition, position and future in America and on this planet for real and forever, go to   Commented on Dr Boyce Watkins: A black man wearing a dress is the number one movie in America? GTFOH!!!!


Intelligent Black Society Is Not Stupid


5.         YOUTUBE – REDIRECTING-PROVERBS 31 SCHOOL OF WISDOM-P31 SOW  – 11/3/2016 – 6:28 AM EDST - Intelligent Black society is not stupid.  You are a prime candidate for a position in a dynamic New Age Organization that is planning to survive in the 21st Century.  Racism is not Black folk’s problem.  White supremacy is; as well as the Supremacy of others.  If Black men and women sincerely want to change our pitiful status in America, we must utilize structures and ideologies that can deliver the desired results.

            Therefore, the kind of information that is needed to address the issues that are plaguing Black people worldwide (the persistent and historical lack of Genuine Black Economic Empowerment and Effective Black Media) is not conducive to tweeting on Twitter or commenting on Facebook and/or YouTube because of the in depth knowledge that is required.  If you are serious about Genuine Black Economic Empowerment and changing our condition, position and future in America and on this planet for real and forever, go to  Commented on Why white people think black people are S0TTISH


The NAACP Should Realize Black People Are No Longer The Largest Minority


6.         YOUTUBE – NAACP Houston – 11/3/2016 – 6:28 AM EDST - The NAACP should realize Black people are no longer the largest minority.  Our astounding economic, social and moral decline, including the abortion of over 15,000,000 Black babies since 1973 and an unemployment rate for young Black men of 50%...can be remedied by replacing obsolete Linear Thinking with a much more advanced and dynamic problem solving methodology.  White people will never accept us as equals and they do not have to.Racism is not Black folk’s problem.  White supremacy is.  If Black men and women sincerely want to change our pitiful status in America, we must utilize structures and ideologies that can deliver the desired results.  

            Therefore, the kind of information, programs. concepts and strategies that are needed to address the issues that are plaguing Black people worldwide (the persistent and historical lack of Genuine Black Economic Empowerment and Effective Black Media) is not conducive to tweeting on Twitter or commenting on Facebook and/or YouTube because of the in depth knowledge that is required.  If you are serious about Genuine Black Economic Empowerment and changing our condition, position and future in America and on this planet for real and forever, go to  Commented on Dr. Douglas Advocates to the HISD Board of Trustees


Shakaama There Is Another Category Of Stocks


7.         YOUTUBE – SHAKAAMA  – 11/3/2016 – 6:28 AM EDST - Shakaama there is a category of stocks that very few people in America know about and strategies that very few people are aware of.  It is this category of stock that I cannot reveal in this post.  The reason:  This venue is not conducive to discussing these matters.  As a matter of fact, when you see... this stock category...and then has been around for years, you just might faint when you come to the inescapable conclusion that is written into federal law. and your ownership interest in a corporation is literally guaranteed by the United States government for up to five years.  However, as stated, this matter must be discussed in private.  In addition, you have no idea how close you are to changing the destiny of Black people worldwide forever.  In fact, this video will be used as an educational tool.  You also have no idea how close you are to being one of 500 new Black millionaires.  However, to be considered worthy to become one of these millionaires is a matter that must be decided by the Board of Directors, the shareholders and the Standing Committee.

            To gauge your level of interest and sincerity, increase your curiosity and heightened your desire to research information presented to you in a public forum so that you can review and research this information and know it is true for yourself, during the interim, go online and pull up the Companies Act.  It has been updated many times since 1834 A.D.  Therefore, it does not really matter which update you review.  However, I strongly recommend reviewing any update after 1913 A.D.  While you are at it, when you have sufficient time, or can squeeze it into your production schedule, go on over to  This will give you some background information.  Thank you.  Commented on WHAT ARE STOCKS | 02 BASICS


No One Can Stop The Majority Of Black People From Believing Lies Or Living Their Lives In Accordance With Lies


8.         YOUTUBE – BLACK EXCELLENCE, BLACK WEALTH, BLACK POWER – 11/04/2016 – 5:05 AM EDST - When is "Intelligent Black Society" going to realize, no one can stop the majority of Black people from being willful idiots?  No one can stop the majority of Black people from believing lies or living their lives in accordance with lies. No one can stop the majority of Black people from making fools of themselves before the altar of White Supremacy, Oriental Supremacy, Jewish Supremacy or the Supremacy of any other dominant racial or ethnic group.  No one can save the majority of Black people from their own delusions of  inclusion and no one can stop the overwhelming majority of Black people from being deceived by the Democratic Party that has turned millions of Black people living in America into surrogates, lapdogs, mental, social, economic, religious and political incompetents and the willing participants in their own  social, political, economic and racial or ethnic annihilation.

            All anyone can really do is give them directions to the waters of life to alleviate the thirst of ignorance and its ravaging and destructive effects on the human mind, body, spirit and the impact the lack of knowledge has on one’s life.  It is entirely up to the individual to decide whether or not he/she will partake of the waters of life to end forever his/her ignorance.  After people are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge.  There is no biblical or historical reference to lacking anything else.  Commented on Lil Wayne just apologized for insulting black people, but he also needs to apologize for this


In Our Current Condition, Black People Will Never Be Equal To Whites Or Anyone Else


9.         YOUTUBE – SHAWN S JAMES – 11/04/2016 – 12:36 PM EDST - This comment is going to be longer than the usual.  In our current condition and position, Black people will never be equal to…or accepted by Whites or anyone else as equals.  We were never integrated.  For over 150 years, we have simply been tolerated.  The Reasons: America was a growing and developing country and needed a cheap long term labor force.  This is no longer the case. Robotic technology and advanced manufacturing systems have eliminated the need for Black people being in America.  It would be helpful to remind you, that the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott Decision has never been reversed and the 1638 Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion has never been officially abolished.

            The recipients of the Civil Rights movement and that entire generation are the last true Black middle class as a population group.  This group will be allowed to die out and their children will be allowed to fade out.  Unless immediate steps are taken, as far as their children are concerned or the grandchildren of the Civil Rights generation are concerned, their future is rather bleak.  All they can look forward to are prisons and work camps or systematic extermination.  The Reason:  Black people are an obsolete workforce that has served its purpose and usefulness to the general society and our services are not needed by anyone else.  

            All the other races, ethnic groups and nationalities that are coming to America have no interest in taking care of us for another 100 years, 50 years, 25 years or even 5 years.  In addition, rioting, looting and burning will not be tolerated.  This is why Black people worldwide must begin the process of abandoning obsolete ways of thinking and replacing it with a much more dynamic way of thinking and living.  New attitudes and conceptualizations are mandatory, not elective or selective. After 1,200 years of enslavement, (750 A.D. to 2007 A.D. - see Mauritania) the "Slave Mentality" and the Sambo-Quimbo Syndrome” that have been a lifeline for millions of Black people are now a death sentence for our children.  

            To deal with these matters in a comprehensive and in an intelligent manner, requires private discussions, not public comments on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Hoping and praying for complete societal acceptance by Whites and others is a fool's errand and devotion to Liberals and Democrats to somehow force White acceptance is an unrealistic and tragic state of affairs.  The evidence of this betrayal can be seen all over America, with the exception of the propaganda networks that are considered the mainstream media.  Consequently, if you are serious...and only if you are serious about moving our people and our children into the 21st Century with all the necessary systems in place to sustain us for generations to come, go to  This will give you some background information.  Commented on The Culture of Spellbound Negro Women




Chapter 2:  excerpts


YouTube Comments 51-100


Black People Need To Stop The Madness


51.       YOUTUBE – YVETTE CARNELL – 12/02/2016 – 7:34 PM EST - Black people need to stop the madness.  Constantly comparing ourselves to Whites is a sign of their dominance and our subservience.  We are not going to close any wealth gap with Whites in America, when they control the economy, careers, jobs and everything else Black people need.  If Black people want genuine growth and development, go to  Commented on Hard Work and Education Aren't Enough to Close the Racial Wealth Gap, Says Study


The Entire American Political Process Is Corrupt Especially The Democrats


52.       YOUTUBE – ATLAH WORLD MINISTRIES – 12/02/2016 – 7:34 PM EST –  Pastor Manning, you, of all people, should know the entire American political process is corrupt; especially, the Democrats.  Look what the Democrats have done to Black people and what little communities we had left in this country.  Donald Trump is no better or worse.  If you want real hope and opportunity for Black people, go to  Commented on (Video no longer on YouTube)


An Undeniable Truth


53.       YOUTUBE – BLACK EXCELLENCE, BLACK WEALTH, BLACK POWER – 12/02/2016 – 8:40 PM EST - When are Black people going to wake up to some undeniable truths?  Black lives don't matter to other races in the upcoming 21st Century. Our lives should matter to us, so we can end our collective ignorance, backwardness and in some cases downright stupidity.  If you want real answers and real solutions, go to  Commented on White Man Kills Ex NFL Player, Walks With No Charges, Smh!


Educated Black People Cannot Build Independent Economic Systems


54.       YOUTUBE – BLACK EXCELLENCE, BLACK WEALTH, BLACK POWER – 12/02/2016 – 8:56 PM EST - Practically every organization created by Black people is a nonprofit that depends on Whites and others for financial support. Educated Blacks cannot build independent economic systems.  They serve systems already in existence. The power in the Black community is the intellectuality of Black women.  For information on how to unleash it, go to  Commented on Intellectual Chocolate: Dr. Cleo Manago on Breaking Out of the Trance


What Blacks And Liberal Whites Call Racism Is White Supremacy


55.       YOUTUBE – MIKE JONES – 12/02/2016 – 9:16 PM EST - What Blacks and Liberal Whites call racism, is White Supremacy.  Why have Whites and Jews become Supreme and now the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and others?  Simple, they understand; as a people, what it means to maintain a civilization and everything in it.  If you want to help Black people and others, do yourselves a favor, save your civilization. .Commented on Whoopi Goldberg: "This is why Black People don't want to talk to White People"


White People Need To Wake Up


56.       YOUTUBE – AMI HOROWITZ – 12/02/2016 – 9:19 PM EST - White people need to wake up.  Morally bankrupt and corrupt liberal Democrats and RINOs; especially, the Clintons and others, have destroyed America in ways Donald Trump never could and never will.  America is in decline because of Liberal Democratic policies.  The same policies that are destroying Europe. Do yourselves a favor and save your civilization. Commented on Are Voter ID laws racist?


Democrat Policies Destroyed The Black Family Structure


57.       YOUTUBE – BLACK EXCELLENCE, BLACK WEALTH, BLACK POWER – 12/02/2016 – 10:06 PM EST - If the truth be spoken, Democrat policies destroyed the Black family structure when chasing dollars, status symbols and so called success consumed Black Intellegentsia.  Our communities and people were relegated to the Democratic Party's political plantation and its devastating impact.  The end result is what you now see. To recover, go to Commented on MWB: Shahrazad Ali - Are Black Women Raising Bitchy & Effeminate Men?


There Are Only A Few Good Black Men In America


58.       YOUTUBE – PRIVATE VIDEO – 12/03/2016 – 12:23 AM EST - To be honest, unless they are about something, the overwhelming majority of Black men should be barred from marrying or having sex with any woman.  WHY?  The legacy, these Black men have left, will take years to overcome.  There are only a few good Black men in America and polygamy is outlawed.  Go figure.  The change that is needed is at


Most Black Men Want Something They Have Yet To Earn – The Respect Of Black Women


59.       YOUTUBE – PRIVATE VIDEO – 12/03/2016 – 12:53 AM EST - The Bottom line is Black men want something they have yet to earn - THE RESPECT OF BLACK WOMEN - and the respect of other men on the planet that build and maintain civilizations.  Black men cannot even maintain a neighborhood and a civilization is out of the question.  The key to ascending up the ladder for Black women is over at


Chapter 3:  excerpts


YouTube Comments 101-150


First, There Is No Black Male Privilege


101.    YOUTUBE – PRIVATE VIDEO  – 12/10/2016 – 3:34 PM EST - First, there is no Black male privilege considering we have nothing to establish privilege in a White Supremacist society.  Second, the vast majority of Black women are great when you consider the fact Black men have built nothing major on the planet in over 1,200 years. Others build civilizations, Black men can't maintain a hood.  For more truth go to:


Black Women Have Nothing To Crow About


102.       YOUTUBE – ROM WILLS – 12/10/2016 – 3:43 PM EST - Black women, like Black men have been victimized by our lack of progress in so many critical areas.  In addition, Black women have nothing to crow about.  What have Black men built or sustained in over 1,200 years?  What have we done that encourages pride in our heritage or lineage?  The answer:  NOTHING! To change this dismal reality go to  Commented on The Worst Enemy to Black Women


Whites Are Racists When They Stop Giving Black Folk Freebies


103.    YOUTUBE – BREAKFAST CLUB POWER 105.1 FM  – 12/10/2016 – 4:11 PM EST -  Whites are racists when they stop giving Black folk freebies, special treatment, ignore substandard performance in critical scientific disciplines or when they stop the welfare or SSI checks.  Does this mean Whites don't get passes?  Of course not.  They are White and we are not.  Vast numbers of Black people screwed themselves.  For more, go to  Commented on Trevor Noah Talks Tomi Lahren, Donald Trump, Racism in America & More


Real Marriage Is Not A Relationship, It Is A Partnership To Sustain And Maintain Human Society


104.    YOUTUBE – PRIVATE VIDEO  – 12/13/2016 – 7:36 AM EST - Real marriage is not a relationship it is a partnership that exists to sustain and maintain humanity and human society at whatever level it exists or chooses to exist.  As far as the ridiculous marriage license, that was created by the church for whatever deceitful, deceptive and ungodly reason(s) that came into the minds of morally corrupt men masquerading as men of god.


A No Class Citizen Even In Africa


105.    YOUTUBE – PRIVATE VIDEO  – 12/14/2016 – 2:36 AM EST - QUESTION? ARE THE VAST MAJORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE ON PLANET EARTH REALLY THAT PATHETIC AND REALLY DO NOT MIND BEING A NO CLASS CITIZEN EVEN IN OUR OWN CONTINENT OF AFRICA OR ALKEBULAND? YOU DECIDE!!....After you are finished musing or debating with yourself or with others..and if you really want to do something...go on over to


Stop The Deception Cash Flow Is Not Wealth




You Phony Liberals Are Destroying Most If Not All Of Western Civilization


107.    YOUTUBE – TYT – 12/14/2016 – 2:51 AM EST -  When are you phony liberals, that are destroying most if not all of Western Civilization going to cut the crap??  If Western Civilization falls…what are these same people going to do?  Create a 4th World that's worst than the third they come from?  If you really want to help Blacks and other technologically disadvantaged people, then treat and respect them as people that only need help, not perpetual enslavement to your dysfunctional liberal and parasitical ideology.  Commented on Trump To African-Americans: Thanks For Not Voting


The Power Of The Elites Lies In The Ignorance Of The Masses


108.    YOUTUBE – JOEY DIAZ – 12/14/2016 – 4:48 AM EST -  The power of the elite lies in the ignorance of the masses.  Don't you think, a powerful elite can also read the bible and strategize from it and create an illusion?  It is virtually impossible to control another mind, but rather easy to control a mentality.  A mentality is what a person chooses to believe and what he/she chooses to accept as true.  Bottom line:  Christians are setting themselves up to be destroyed from their own lack of knowledge and lack of vision.  After all GOD is not a man that he should lie.  If you are of African descent, head on over to for what we can and should be doing in the here and now.  Commented on The Church Of What's Happening Now: #437 - Luis J. Gomez


A Mentality Is Easy To Control, Mislead & Deceive


109.    YOUTUBE – PRIVATE VIDEO  – 12/14/2016 – 1:05 PM EST -  I see you are espousing the meanderings of a mentality and not a mind.  A Mentality is easy to control, mislead and deceive because it is a product of what an individual chooses to believe, have been led to believe or has induced himself/herself to believe without evidence, proof, facts or the practical application of scientific reasoning.  Since the historical evidence verifies that marriage (without the license) has sustained civilizations for thousands of years and stabilized it to the point, so you can be here writing this post, any further argument to the contrary is useless, meaningless and madness.

We have already dealt with the fallacy of a license in a previous post.  To must have facts, not just opinions or beliefs.  The vast majority of Black males are shitted on because the historical record clearly shows they have not built anything major to stop White men and others from shitting on them in 1,200 years.  And still refuse to organize themselves in legal structures to build anything major now or in the last 50 years.  The vast majority of Black males have allowed themselves to be shitted on by an entire planet, not just a woman, i.e., enslavement since 750 A.D.

The historical evidence is overwhelming that huge numbers of Black males are psychological and intellectual midgets when compared to other males and comparison to real men is out of the question. Weak Black males have no concept of manhood because the White liberal rhetoric of victimization has conditioned them and has led millions to accepting lies as truth and excuses as reasons.  Therefore, many are simply pathetic.  However, with re-education many can be saved from their own self-defeating, unproductive, counterproductive and detrimental mindset.  As stated in the previous post, if you really want to step up to the plate, go to


Chapter 4:  excerpts


YouTube, Social Media

& Online News Comments 151-200


Do You Want To Continue Playing Psyche Games With A Lying Media?


151.     BITCHUTE – DAN BONGINO  – 6/12/2021 - 1:47 PM ESDT:  Do you really want to end this nightmare?  Or continue to play psyche games with a Corrupt Government, Agencies and a Lying MainStream Media?  How?  Everybody go on a NATIONAL STRIKE that includes all workers, public and private and don't come back until the COVID LIE has been exposed along with the 2020 ELECTION FRAUD-FEST.  THERE IS NO COVID-19.  It was and still is a GLOBAL SCAM that came from patents and labs owned and operated by a powerful and well financed elites with uncanny control over the Western world and its allies and/or business partners.  The JAB is not a TRUE VACCINE  It never was and never will be.  Commented on Unfiltered with Dan Bongino - Covid lab leak 6/12/2021 Fox News -


Wake Up! There Is No COVID-19


152.    BITCHUTE – THE STILL REPORT –  8/02/2021 - 11:21 PM EDST - WAKE UP!! There is no novel COVID-19.  It never existed because the much sought after Viral Gain Of Function for a massive depopulation agenda cannot be created with current technology.  The lab leak is a ploy, a misdirection, political theater and propaganda to lend credibility to the COVID LIE.  In addition, it saves the CCP, so it can become the next "Bogey Man" for the Programmed, Indoctrinated, Manipulated, Dumbed Down and Brainwashed Masses in Western Civilization.  Commented on Report Proves COVID Leaked From Wuhan Lab, 3652 -


You White People Are Supposed To Be So Intelligent Now Look At You


153.    BITCHUTE – JIM FETZER – 8/12/2021 - 8:22 PM EDST.  You White people are supposed to be so intelligent and masters of your destiny, now look at you.  You people are still not fully awake or networking properly.  If the enemies of the nation control the Vote, Most Judges, Major Corporations, the Media, Federal and State Agencies,  Attorney Generals, Clandestine Military Organizations, BLM, Antifa and all other major and minor  institutions and organizations from local to national to international, their power is assured and cannot be effectively challenged by the populace.  This is why Democrats, Progressives, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, RINOs, Fascists, Tyrants and all others of similar ilk are so bold and brazen.  Bottom Line:  You need a military operation to change things.  Therefore, what should be happening is organizing yourselves to call for military intervention that will be supported by 70-80 percent of the people, NOT ENDLESS COMPLAINING, MOANING AND GROANING.  Commented on Need to Know News (12 August 2021) with Carl Herman and Monique Lukens.


Mike Pence Is A Fool He Knew Congress Was And Still Is Corrupt


154.    YOUTUBE – SANTA COOKING STUDIO – 8/14/2021 - 11:00 PM EDST. Mike Pence  is a fool.  He knew Congress was and still is corrupt.  He knew based on what happened in the middle of the night on November 3, 2020, that something was wrong and he failed to act to protect the Constitution and the American people.  Mike Spence became an agent of UNITED STATES, INC., and not Vice President of The United States of America.  (Video No Longer Available On YouTube)


First Message Sent To YouTube’s Staff & Owners Re: Fall Of The Cabal Part 1


155.    YOUTUBE – August 25, 2021 – 12:52 AM EDST - First, YouTube has no consistent and verifiable objective guidelines.  America is not totally Communist China or Nazi Germany yet.  The Gestapo and the KGB are not totally here yet.  YouTube has embarked upon a path of destructive, narrative driven, lie driven and moronic driven censorship that would frighten George Orwell.  Whatever FOOL/S that put YouTube on this censorship path is sadly mistaken and misinformed.  The Universe demands truth and objectivity.  Freedom of ideas and concepts is how YouTube got here.  Denying the same is how and why YouTube as it exist today will disappear along with the FOOL/S that put YouTube on this path of censoring facts, evidence and the truth for whatever reason.  So, restore the Fall of the Cabal Part 1 ASAP before the TRUE GOD becomes angry.


Second Message Sent To YouTube’s Staff & Owners




Why Are You White People Constantly Playing Games With Yourselves?


157.    BITCHUTE – THE STILL REPORT – 8/26/2021 – 11:16 PM EDST - Why are you people constantly playing games with yourselves?  The Maricopa County leadership and all the other state officials, elected, appointed or otherwise that are complicit in the fraud and theft of the 2020 election, including many attorney generals and judges should have been arrested and imprisoned for obstruction of justice and many statutory violations months ago.  This is why I do not want to hear it.  Either you are going to be real MEN or remain a Spineless collection of Simps and Wimps. Commented on  Arizona AG - Maricopa County is Lawless, 3682.        


Seems Like The Vast Majority Of Humanity Has Lost The Ability To Think


158.    GAB POST – 8/26/2021 – 10:45 PM EDST - Seemingly, the vast majority of humanity has lost the ability to think.  Animals and plants are not elected officials. Government is managed and controlled by people and no other.  Get rid of the people that are causing your problems.  Every problem has a solution, you must have the courage to accept it.  The more you comply positively, negatively or alternatively, the worst the problem becomes and its consequences, unintended and/or otherwise..


All Rights Black People Have In America Must Be Granted By White People


159.    BLACK AMERICA WEB – 9/01/2021 – 12:45 AM EDST - When are Black people going to wake up and accept the TRUTH that is stated in the Dred Scott Decision?  All rights Black people have in America must be granted or given by White people.  The vast majority of Black people need to come out of their numerous fantasies so; we, as a people, can do what is necessary to save ourselves in our own countries and in the nation state that was created for descendants of American slavery --- Liberia.  Also read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and do not believe the lie that it is fabricated or anti-Semitic. Zionist are not Jews.  Look around you and prove it to yourself that the Protocols are being implemented slowly but surely.. Millions of Black people confuse "Tolerance" with "Acceptance", "Desegregation" with "Integration" and "Corporatism with Racism".  Commented on White Teacher Yanked From Classroom After Fight With Black Student


Chapter 5:  excerpts


YouTube, Social Media

& Online News Comments 201-250


One Million People Did Not Die Of COVID In The USA


201.    YOUTUBE – 2NACHEKI – 4/13/2022 – 11:42 AM EDST - Unfortunately, 1,000,000 people did not die of CVD-19 in the USA or anywhere else. WHY? ANSWER:  COVID-19 is a FAKE PANDEMIC. Anyone that believes otherwise has been "Brainwashed", "Thoroughly indoctrinated", or under "Governmental" and "Media Propaganda" and/or "Mind Control" from so called official sources.  

          Following White, Asian, Jewish, Indian or any other construct that was not created by us is not going to get our people anywhere.  The evidence of this monumental failure is all around you and in the historical record.  If you really want change that we have created, go here for an overview and acquisition.  We must help ourselves, because no one else will, needs to or has to.  (Video No Longer On YouTube Or The Comment Was Deleted)


America’s Government Is One Of The Most Corrupt On The Planet


202.    YOUTUBE - WION – 4/13/2022 – 1:00 PM EDST - If the gunman knew everyone on that subway was armed, he never would have shown up and it never would have happened.  America's government is one of the most corrupt on the planet and yet few media conglomerates expose it.  I wonder why?  ANSWER:  Every media outlet needs money, just like their governments and America is the world's reserve currency.  Get the picture why these False Flags continue to occur so America's Dimwits will be encouraged to disarm themselves, like the other Dimwits on the planet.  So what is the problem?  ANSWER:  Lack of morality, integrity, honor, humanitarian values, self-discipline and genuine intelligence.  Commented on America & Guns: Why does Gun terror persist in the United States? | World News | WION


Perhaps There Is More To 666


203.    WND – INSTICATOR – 4/13/2022 – 7:18 PM EDST - The evidence is clear and undeniable that 666 has been adopted by many past and present secret societies.  With this in mind, is it possible, knowing that secret societies existed in the past, to conclude that maybe, just maybe a secret society that existed within the Catholic Church and still might exist gave the world the 66 Books that are in most Protestant Bibles -- 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament?  Is it then possible to conclude; based on these undeniable facts, that the Protestant Christians with their 66 Books are the ones that usher in and protect the Beast governments?

          Could this be the reason why the most Corrupt and Diabolical governments on the planet; that includes Canada and America, are in countries with large Christian populations?  Could this also be the reason why over 95% of Black Christians vote for Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, Political Left leaning Liberals and support Communistic and Marxists Philosophies; as well as, many White, Asian and others of the Christian faith?  How is it then that so called Christian nations have murdered, maimed, crippled or destroyed more human lives than all the other religions combined?

          Why does evil thrive in Christian countries?  Is it because they are really worshiping Lucifer and not Jehovah?  Could this be the reason why there are so many Christian denominations?  Could this also be the reason why since the advent of Christianity, Islam and Judaism over 300 million people or more have been slaughtered in wars waged by so called religious and god fearing people?  Are Protestant Christians with their 66 Books aligned with the TRUE AND LIVING GOD or --- are they aligned with the Beast that many call SATAN?  Commented on Irenaeus: A second-century look at the truth of '666'.


Black People Suffer From A Severe Lack Of Vision


204.   YOUTUBE – 2NACHEKI – 4/14/2022 – 10:41 AM EDST - The problem with our people is a severe lack of "Vision", "Self Realization", "Self Determination", "Self Actualization", "Self Reliance", "Systemic Aggregation" and "Systemic Acquisition". Until these problems are addressed and solved Black people aren't going anywhere except back into "Servitude", Psychological Prostitutionalization, Regimentation, and "Institutionalization". Bottom Line:  Where we are now and have been for over 2,000 years.  Change requires a Unifying Socioeconomic Development Philosophy" that starts here:  Get the book and prove it to yourself.  (Video No Longer On YouTube Or The Comment Was Deleted)


What Good Is Awakening Just To Go Back To Sleep?


205.    YOUTUBE – Dr. Mumbi – 4/14/2022 – 11:38 AM EDST - I addressed this issue before on this show.  What good is becoming awake, just to go back to sleep?  What good is freeing your mind, just to put it another prison?  Real "Freedom", “Personal and Collective Growth and Development” requires more than talk.  It also requires actions and plans that will create genuine manifestations in the real world in real time.  The problem with our people is a severe lack of "Vision", "Self Realization", "Self Determination", "Self Actualization", "Self Reliance", "Systemic Aggregation" and "Systemic Acquisition".  Until these problems are addressed and solved Black people aren't going anywhere except back into "Servitude", Psychological Prostitutionalization, Regimentation, and "Institutionalization".  Bottom Line:  Where we are now and have been for over 2,000 years. Change requires a Unifying Socioeconomic Development Philosophy" that starts here:  Get the book and prove it to yourself.  (Video No Longer On YouTube Or The Comment Was Deleted)


Millions Of Black People Know Nothing About The Great Reset


206.    YOUTUBE – 2NACHEKI – 4/14/2022 – 2:45 AM EDST - Over 95% of the world's Black population are not familiar with the Great Reset.  In order to "Build Back Better", 3 countries must be taken down.  QUESTION:  What 3?  ANSWER:  (1) America (Collapsing from within),  (2) Russia (By military confrontation)  (3) Israel (By vaccinations).  Now for your research to prove it to yourself, answer the following questions:  [A] What is happening to America right now?  [B] What kind of confrontation is happening between the Ukraine and Russia?  [C] What country is the most heavily vaccinated on the planet?  QUESTION:  What can Black people do to save ourselves?  ANSWER:  Get the book from here, read it and do what it says.  (Video No Longer On YouTube Or The Comment Was Deleted)


You Are So Right Dr. Mumbi - BLM Is Symbolic


207.    YOUTUBE – Dr. Mumbi – 4/14/2022 – 3:13 PM EDST - You are so right Dr. Mumbi,  The Crown Act in America is Symbolic, BLM is Symbolic and the Black female Supreme Judge in America; that never should have been approved, is also Symbolic; as well as, everything else happening with Black people worldwide.  QUESTION:  What is the best way to permanently destroy a people without them realizing en mass what is happening to them?

          ANSWER:  Get them to lower their guard, increase their False Hope, Sense of Security and/or Beliefs and get them to believe the BIG LIE of Equality and Acceptance by Whites and others while they are in a Weak Socioeconomic State of Universal Dependence for Lifestyle Sustainability.  QUESTION:  How can we, as Black people, expand our collective growth and development as a race of people?  ANSWER:  Get the book, Read it, do what it says and then tell others to do the same.  (Video No Longer On YouTube Or The Comment Was Deleted)


Are There Any Legitimate Palestinians?


208.    WND – INSTICATOR – 4/14/2022 – 7:14 PM EDST - QUESTION:  Based on the available historical record, are there any legitimate Palestinians?  ANSWER:  NO. QUESTION:  What were they called before the Judean Insurrection around 135 A.D.? ANSWER:  Canaanites.  QUESTION:  What group of people did GOD tell the Hebrews to destroy when entering the "Promise Land"?  ANSWER:  The Canaanites along with others.  WHY?  ANSWER:  According to the Biblical text, they had corrupted and perverted GOD'S Truth.

           QUESTION:  Did the Hebrews destroy all the Canaanites?  ANSWER:  NO. QUESTION:  So what do we have going on today?  ANSWER:  A "Fool's Paradise" that allows arms dealers and manufacturers to earn billions from the people's "Abject Stupidity" and a sophisticated money laundering operation disguised as foreign aid. Commented on The Arab Christian who sacrificed his life for Jews


Black People Have Been Fighting Each Other For Centuries


209.    LINKEDIN  – 4/15/2022 – 11:50 AM EDST - Black people have never been able to get along together for thousands of years.  Enslavement and Colonization; that Black people are now lambasting, made it possible for several hundred years.  After this was over, the old animosities returned.  Black people also have never been able to organize themselves to create and establish wealth creating constructs unless it was under another race, nationality or ethnicity control.  

          Bottom line:   A Job, Career, Position or Acquisition Access.  As a result of this Mentality, the vast majority of Black people became good at Duplicating, Coping, Mimicking or Cloning themselves to be like Whites, Orientals, Jews and others to earn income, rather than creating and establishing constructs that not only benefited them, they would also benefit others.  QUESTION:  Why is this the case?  ANSWER:  For over 5,000 years, Black people have never had their own "Socioeconomic Developmental Philosophy or Construct" that eliminates everything and anything that separates or divides them from themselves and others.

          That is until Otis C. Harrison came up with New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations (NACs) and New Age Thinking in 2015.  NAC-NAC-NAT is the first and only "Socioeconomic Development Philosophy and All Inclusive, Unifying and Cohesive Construct" that was ever created by a Black man for Black people that eliminates every conceivable issue, problem, technicality, cause and reason for this monumental failure in Black people's "Collective" and "Individual" Mindsets, Mentalities.

          This includes Geopolitical Realities, Sociological Realities, Economic Development Realities and the necessary Psychological Development that will be required for millions of Black people to advance technologically into the 21st century and beyond.  Commented on South Africa: UN says rise in Xenophobic violence worrisome | WION Ground Report.


Chapter 6:  excerpts


YouTube, Social Media

& Online News Comments 251-300


The Most Compelling Evidence Of 2020 Vote Fraud


251.    WND – INSTICATOR – 4/25/2022 – 7:35 PM EDST - Let me see, who conquered America, Built America, ended Slavery, gave conquered people Reservations and Maintained America?  ANSWER:  White people.  So..when President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy were assassinated, what did the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER:  Cried, sat around and did nothing.  When the World Trade Centers turned to dust instead of collapsing, what did the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER:  Cried, sat around and did nothing.

          When Antifa and Black Lives Matter were destroying property in many American cities, what did the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER:  Cried, sat around and did nothing. When the MainStream Media LIES, DISINFORMS and SPEWS PROPAGANDA, what do the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER:  Cry, sit around and do nothing. When President Trump was removed from Twitter, what did the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER:  Cried, sat around and did nothing.

          When the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump, what did the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER:  Cried, sat around and did nothing.  When Big Tech started censoring people, What did the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER:  Cried, sat around and did nothing. When the CDC LIED about the Pandemic and the Vaccines, what did the vast majority of White people do?  ANSWER: Lined up like lambs for the slaughter to get the Jab.

          Even though there are many more questions and answers, we can stop here.  So while food plants are being burned, a criminal Biden Administration is ruining the country and babies can be murdered, what will the vast majority of White people do? ANSWER:  What they have been doing since 1963.  Well...what's that?  ANSWER: Crying, sitting around and doing nothing.  Commented on Miranda Devine: 'The most compelling evidence' of 2020 vote fraud.


America’s Current Government Is Deadly Laughter


252.    WND – INSTICATOR – 4/26/2022 – 2:36 PM EDST - The Biden Administration telegraphs and notifies the world of the "Abject Stupidity" of huge numbers of people in America and especially in America's Churches, Temples, Mosques, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Police Departments, Clubs and Organizations, State and Municipal Governments, Corporations, Businesses, Media, Professions, Industries, Military and everything else in the country in which people are an integral part.  Unless changes are made, such a nation is really not even a third World Criminal Operation like so many others on the Planet.

          In fact, the so called Western First World, G7 and G20 nations have fallen so far beneath the radar of what is considered reasonable intelligence until there is no academic or legal definition or description that can describe nation states that are an assortment of millions of Stupid people and their Criminal Overlords.  Commented on NHL player can't contain his laughter after Biden calls NHL commissioner 'Gary Batman'


Worst Crime Against Humanity


253.    FACEBOOK  POST COMMENT – IMGWS – 4/27/2022 – 3:53 AM EDST - As stated in the AQUARIAN COMMENTARIES, the people that vote for Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Liberals and RINOs in America, the people that vote for Labor in England, the people that vote for Socialism in the remainder of the world's nation states and those that support Marxists and Communists brought these strategies upon the world that all the people must suffer through.

          Also as stated in the COMMENTARIES, the above ideologies and/or political parties will not exist in the AQUARIAN AGE, neither will the people that support them. The same is true for Islam that will disappear in the AQUARIAN AGE, never to return. Comment on Premeditated Mass Murder: We’re Going To Get Them! Part 2: Worst Crime Against Humanity.


Should Wokeness Be Allowed In Schools? What An Idiotic Question


254     WND – INSTICATOR – 4/27/2022 – 7:06 PM EDST - With all the recorded and written history Whites, Jews, Orientals and Indians have, anyone with reasonable intelligence would conclude; [It should have been child's play to see this coming]. WHY? What millions are running around like a bunch of "Buffoons" calling "Wokeness", "Woke-ism" and/or "Being Woke" and its "Incessant Immorality", is as old as the written records in your history books.  New words for the same old "Actuality and Reality". Well..what's that?  ANSWER:  LIBERALISM.  LIBERALISM destroyed the Sumerians, the Assyrians, the Egyptians, Ethiopians, the Hebrews, the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, the Chinese Dynasties and every other civilization in recorded history and you will even find it in the Bible under "Workers of Iniquity".  

          Now its counterpart, NEO-LIBERALISM and the new "Workers of Iniquity" are destroying an entire planet.  This proves what George Santayana said is true:  Well... what's that?  ANSWER:  “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  The failure that destroyed the Hebrews in the Biblical Text is the same failure that is destroying the planet today.  Well...what failure is that?  ANSWER:  The failure to "Purge the evil from among you." Deuteronomy 17:7 in the NIV.  Commented on Should wokeness be the only 'religion' allowed in schools


Do You Really Want To Talk About Toxins?


255.    WND – INSTICATOR – 4/29/2022 – 4:26 PM EDST - The toxins reported in this article are not as dangerous as the toxins people eat and drink every day in our food, beverages and water.  This does not include the drugs you can get from the pharmacy and off the streets.  Let's continue with the toxic vaccines that are really bio-weapons  that are maiming millions and killing thousands.  Need I remind you of the toxicity from Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the MainStream Media, the Press, Hollywood, Television, the Arts, Sciences and Big Tech?  However, even this toxicity pales into nothingness when compared to the toxicity that is called the U.S. Congress, the CDC, the WHO, the FBI, the HHS, NATO, the Legal Profession and our so called educational institutions that are really indoctrination centers.

          Last, but not least, the toxic Bush Administrations, the Clinton Administration, the Obama Administration and the most toxic and deadliest of all the Illegal Biden Administration.  Yes, America and Americans are doing a lousy job when it comes to getting rid of toxins.  Commented on Watchdog gets document of 'mishaps' and 'human errors' in nation's handling of toxins


The Elites Made A Critical Mistake


256.    LINKEDIN POST – 5/2/2022 – 10:45 AM EDST - The Elites made a critical mistake and error in judgment that were brought about by their own over confidence in the control grids they have established over the years.  Well...what mistake and error are you talking about?  ANSWER:  Their Deep State Puppets in Western Governments, Corporations, Media Empires and Institutions are simply Money Hungry Psychopaths, Dim Witted, Imbecilic, Moronic and Downright Stupid.  They have mucked things up with their Lies, Deceit, Deception, Criminality, Ludicrous Behavior, Dysfunctional Decision Making and Pitiful Performance until even the Sheeple now know the people they elected and were appointed to government agencies are their greatest enemies, their greatest threat to safety and security and these "Fools" in high offices and positions are the real viral threat and not CVD-19.


 Failed For Over 1,000 Years


257.    THE CHARLIE WARD SHOW – 5/2/2022 – 9:04 PM EDST - Why do you White people insist on playing games with yourselves?  "You White people from the beginning of your rise to world prominence and domination to the present have made the same mistake over and over for centuries.  Well, what's that?   ANSWER:  For over 1,000 years, you have consistently failed to establish a legal and lawful secondary system of control over your governments that has the power and the authority to act when an unelected bureaucrat, heads of government agencies; top secret or otherwise, corporate executives and their shareholders, elected representatives of the people, presidents, senators, kings, queens or emperors become corrupt, comprised or tyrannical.  

          This includes your judges.  There is no better time than now to do something about it.  WHY WHITE PEOPLE?  White people are the creators of all the governing philosophies currently existing on the planet including all the isms.  No other race has created any governing philosophy or system that controls the destiny of billions of people.  Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking that eliminates anything and everything that separates and divides is still unknown at this point in time.


All Black People Ended Up Doing Is Replacing One Form Of Slavery With Another


258.    LINKEDIN – 5/02/2022 – 10:45 PM EDST - It would really be more beneficially to spend more time and effort on instilling "Self Actualization", "Self Sufficiency", "Self Reliance", "Self Realization" and "Self Determination" into the minds of Black people, rather than the utter failures of our past.  We were enslaved because we had no military, no organizational structure, no unifying philosophy and no technology to stop it.  In over 157 years, all the vast majority of Black people have really done is replaced Chattel Slavery with Debt and Psychological Slavery.  Replaced the Cotton and Sugar Cane Plantations with Political and Monolithic Thinking Plantations. Replaced the Chains and Iron Bars of Physical Limitations with the Chains and Iron Bars of Intellectual Limitations.

          Millions of Black people have also replaced the Slave Master's Welfare System, with a Government Plantation Welfare System and replaced Dependency on the Slave Master for our well being with Dependency on Appeasements, Concessions, Legal Mandate and Black Tokens in high positions and high incomes for our well being.  All according to the plan laid out in Israel Cohen's 1912 book - "A Racial Program for the 20th Century".  Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957. Something had to be done to initiate the plan after 1957 -- and something was done initiate the plan.  It was called the Civil Rights Movement.


A Message To The Elites That Are Behind Those Censoring The Truth


259.    LINKEDIN – 5/6/2022 – 10:18 AM EDST - WARNING!! WARNING!!  Message to the Elites that are behind those that are now in the business of Suppressing, Censoring, or Oppressing Truth by Lying about Community Standards and “Disinformation”.  Your “Disinformation Campaign” will fail; as well as, the Technocratic Totalitarian World Order you are endeavoring to build on the backs of the "Useful Idiots" under your influence and control.  In addition, all those that participate in this charade, regardless of their level, title, job description or status will suffer the same detrimental consequences as well and it will not be pretty.  

          If you insist on staying on the road you are traveling and censor one more post on this page or take this page down, the financial resources that sustain you will begin to disappear and your demise will begin just like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the other Firms, Trust Operations, Online Platforms, Corporations, Institutions, Financial Service Operations, Media Outlets, NGOs, Nonprofits, Dark Money and Deep State Operations that are currently in power and are the political managers in America and in the Nation States of Western Civilization that you - the Elites control.

          This will happen not only in America, it will be worldwide. THIS IS THE FINAL WARNING TO LINKEDIN AND ITS STAFF!! DO WITH IT WHAT YOU WILL.  IT IS IRRELEVANT WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT.  IT WILL HAPPEN EXACTLY AS STATED HEREIN IN 5 YEARS OR LESS -- IF YOU CONTINUE ON THIS PATH.  Date written and sent for the record and monitoring purposes - May 6, 2022; Approximately 10:18 a.m. EST - George M. Sistrunk.  Post Script: If you want to see how accurate my "Statements" and "Predictions" are, I strongly suggest monitoring my Facebook page and reviewing the AQUARIAN COMMENTARIES that are written in a public forum.  



Chapter 7:  excerpts


YouTube, Social Media

& Online News Comments 301-350


White People Are Not Gods In The Flesh


301.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 7/22/2022 – 7:35 AM EDST - FIRST: Let me address this issue: WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT GODS IN THE FLESH. QUESTION: Well what does that mean?  ANSWER:  It means they have a duty and a responsibility to take care of their own people first before allocating resources to help anyone else. This is true for all other races, creeds or ethnicity and that includes us.  SECOND:  The Black professor is steeped in Neo-Liberal philosophy that stereotypes Black people as victims of White Racism, rather than as recipients and beneficiaries of White Tolerance.  

          THIRD:  Critical Race Theory (CRT) means the opposite of what the masses are being told.  CRT is part and parcel of a hidden Depopulation Agenda.  QUESTION:  What race is not critical to the long term survival of Western Civilization?   ANSWER:  The Black/Negro Race.  WHY?  ANSWER:  They are the most dependent.  They have no vibrant and inclusive organizational structures or systems.  They have no viable sciences, engineering, technology or manufacturing capacities that can benefit anyone.  

          They need all the other races to give them jobs, careers, education, training, income opportunities, status, positions, social services, access to technology and everything else they need to survive in a modern post industrial, industrial or in a socioeconomic system that is based on high tech or advanced technology.  Bottom Line:  The Black/Negro race; in the eyes of the Elites, is a long term liability, not a long term asset.  They cannot take care of others because they cannot take care of themselves.  QUESTION:  So what can change the existing Negro/Black Paradigm?  ANSWER:  Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking.  Get the e-book from here.


Unscientific COVID Guidance


302.    WND – INSTICATOR – 7/23/2022 – 6:34 PM EDST - If India is condemning the WHO for so called unscientific COVID guidance, then the Indian government is just as "Criminal" and "Corrupt" as the governments in all the Nation States of Western Civilization, Eastern Civilization, Western Asian Civilization and in Black Africa.  WHY?  ANSWER:  CVD-19 is a PLANNED-DEMIC and a SCAMDEMIC that has no medical or scientific legitimacy, except to enrich the Elites and further their hidden Agendas.

          It was successfully sold to the masses because as Alexander Caliastro says; "The vast majority of people on this planet are "Backward", "Ignorant" and in many cases, "Downright Stupid, even with their college degrees and PHDs"." Therefore, wherever you see people wearing surgical masks or masks of any kind in any country for so called health reasons, this is your symbol and signal of a government, politicians, and/or people in positions of power and/or authority that are both "Criminal" and "Corrupt". THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  Commented on Major nation condemns WHO for 'unscientific' COVID guidance


Who Can Motivational Speakers Really Help?


303.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 7/23/2022 – 10:40 PM EDST - Let us see. QUESTION:  Did or can Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi,  Les Brown or any of the other motivational speakers and Prosperity Preachers help the people in Somalia, the Sudan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Libya, Madagascar, Ghana, Argentina, Chile, Haiti, Central African Republic, Bangladesh or any other so called 3rd world country? ANSWER:  NOOOO!!!  WHY?  ANSWER:  Because it is exactly what Napoleon Hill and Manly P. Hall told you.

          In order for motivational speeches and positive affirmations to work, a FREE and CAPITALISTIC SOCIETY must exist first.  Bottom Line:  Remove FREE and CAPITALISTIC and you can take your motivational speeches and positive affirmations to the nearest garbage dump because that is where they belong.  QUESTION:  What happens when a Nation State is no longer FREE or CAPITALISTIC?  ANSWER:  Go ask the people in Cuba, North Korea, Communist China, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Thailand.  They will be more than happy to explain to you why you need to keep America FREE and CAPITALISTIC.  Commented on Motivational speakers.


The City Of Jacksonville, Florida


304.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – STANLEY SCOTT – 7/23/2022 – 11:05 PM EDST - NOOOOO!!! WROOONG!!! It is not the city.  The city of Jacksonville in the state of Florida is nothing more than soil, land and buildings made of wood, brick, steel, iron and concrete and streets paved with asphalt.  What you are dealing with are the "Mindsets" and "Mentalities" of the people.  Animals and plants don't create goods and services and they don't go to schools, colleges, universities, establish governments or political parties. The people in the city of Jacksonville are the problem not the city itself.  

          QUESTION:  So what can be done to change the "Mindsets" and the "Mentalities" of the vast majority of people; especially the Black people?  ANSWER:  When it comes to Black people you must have exactly what Otis C. Harrison says you will need.  QUESTION:  Well...what's that?  ANSWER:  "You must have an "Educational Process" the likes of which the world has never seen and an "Economic Development Philosophy" the likes of which the world has never had. Then you will succeed where all others have failed."  WE GOT THAT!! Get the e-book from here:  Commented on The City of Jacksonville


Mind Created Reality Vs GOD’S Reality


305.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – STANLEY SCOTT – 7/23/2022 – 11:37 PM EDST - REALITY CHECK!! First and foremost it is impossible to get lost in Life.  WHY? ANSWER:  Because Life is what it is -- a construct created by GOD.  SECOND:  Those that claim they are lost, substituted GOD'S REALISM for their own SURREALISM. Bottom Line:  Instead of using their mind to integrate GOD'S REALITY, they choose to live in their own mind created reality.

           This is why so many millions of Black people are DELUSIONAL. A classic example is Mr. Goggins on Twitter, sitting in a room on a stationary bike that Whites or others created and built, surrounded by products from companies that Whites or others create or develop, wearing clothing Whites or others manufactured and telling you about the "Grind" in a Nation State created, developed and conquered by White people.

          QUESTION:  Well.. how do you know?  ANSWER:  If he created and built the above stated, he would be telling you how the "Grind" created the bike, the products, built the building and manufactured the clothing instead of advocating to any Black person that will listen to continue his/her "Subjugation" and "Prostitutionalization" in a White society with the hope that White Tolerance and their Neo-Liberalism will produce a positive result.  

          NOTICE:  None of these people are talking about building anything meaningful in a Black African Nation State.  WHY?  ANSWER:  They don't have anything worthwhile to build anything with like Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking.   Get the e-book from here, read it with "Intelligence" and "Understanding" so you can prove it to yourself.  Commented on The Goggins video.


A Classic Example Of A Delusional State Of Mind


306.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 7/24/2022 – 8:24 PM EDST - No need to comment here. WHY? My comments are already long enough.  To comment on this unreality would require another book. Remember:  I keep commenting over and over that millions of Black people are DELUSIONAL. The above video is another classic example of this DELUSIONAL STATE OF MIND.  The infrastructure in Uganda is pitiful, the systems archaic and outside the cities and in many of the cities themselves, genuine advancement, growth and development are virtually nonexistent.

          There are no long term "Sustainability Metrics" in Uganda or in any other Black Nation State or in any Black neighborhood.  This is just another reason why over 600 million Black people worldwide and wherever they may be, need to adopt and adapt to Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking. Get the e-book from here and prove it to yourself.  Commented on Manus Musa’s post.


The American Dream


307.    WND – INSTICATOR – 7/25/2022 – 4:16 PM EDST - America has been failing in happiness since adopting the Cestui Que Vie Trust concept and everything affiliated with it.   What has kept America afloat for so many years is the illusion of the "American Dream".  The same "Criminal Organization" that created UNITED STATES, INC., is the same "Criminal Organization" that is bankrupting the country now.  The only difference is the extent of technological development makes it more noticeable for more people.

          There weren't any Smartphones, Internet or Social Media when the failing began -- and -- with all the "Censorship", "Ignorance and Stupidity" will once again dominate the American Psyche just like it has dominated it since 1776.  A Debt Slave is a Debt Slave by any other name.  These surveys simply reveal how many people are happy with their Debt Enslavement.   Like Harriet Tubman said; “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”   Commented on Are Americans happy? You might be surprised


If The Hood Is So Poor


308.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 7/27/2022 – 10:58 PM EDST - Let's answer the question and the statements shall we?  ANSWER: Yes...Why not? QUESTION:  If the Hood is so poor why do Arabs, Asians, Jews and everyone else that understands America open their businesses there?   ANSWER:  Because of Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards commonly called EBT Cards.  QUESTION:  What does this say about the Hoods?  ANSWER:  You have a lot of Black welfare recipients and poor people there. 

          Let's deal with the next issue - the statement.  QUESTION:  Is Success a Habit and Is Failure a Habit?  ANSWER:  NO.  This is just more empty headed mutterings from people that choose to live, think and believe in Surrealism or Mind Created Reality rather than seamlessly integrating into the Reality Constructs created by the LIVING GOD.  QUESTION:  Why do so many Black people choose to live and die in Mind Created Reality?

          ANSWER:  Over 600 million Black people worldwide have no "Socioeconomic Development Philosophy, Concepts, Precepts, Guidelines, Protocols, Sustainability Metrics and Systems" that will seamlessly integrate into constructs based on the WORD OF THE LIVING GOD.  QUESTION:  Well...What do over 600 million Black people worldwide need so they can live in GOD'S Reality rather than in their own "Actuality" and Mind Created Reality?  ANSWER:  Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking. Get the e-book from here:  Commented on a Manus Musa’s Meme.


America’s Real Worth


309.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 7/27/2022 - QUESTION:  Is the above Meme a true reflection of America?  ANSWER:  NO.  WHY?   ANSWER:  The creator of the Meme simply showed the world the extent of his/her Media Programming, Indoctrination, Manipulation and Psychological Regimentation.  Bottom Line: Brainwashed.  QUESTION:  What is the true value of America in real money and not Fiat Currency or Legal Tender millions call dollars?

           ANSWER:  Over 150 Trillion.  40 Billion is 2.66% of 150 Trillion or pocket change.  In Fiat Currency or Legal Tender multiply 150 Trillion by 10 or over 1.5 Quadrillion.  QUESTION:  Then why are there so many poor people, weird people, sheeple, suckers, fools, dimwits, weak and fearful people, morons, imbeciles, empty headed people, poorly educated people and backward, ignorant and downright stupid people even with their college degrees and PHDs?

          ANSWER:  Being educated, talented, gifted, innovative, creative, inventive and articulate or scientific does not mean you are intelligent, neither does a high IQ.  All the mentalities stated above keep the power structure in control of the masses and that's the way the Elites that control this planet want it to be and that is way it will stay for the time being.  WHY?

          ANSWER:  Because billions of people, White, Black, Jewish, Oriental or otherwise have not taken advantage of Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking that can transform all the above into truly intelligent people for the first time in their life.  Read about here:  Commented on Manus Musa’s Meme..


Chapter 8:  excerpts


YouTube, Social Media

& Online News Comments 351-400



Black People Have Whatever White People Allow


351.    YOUTUBE – AFRICAN DIASPORA NEWS CHANNEL – 8/2/2022 – 6:20 PM EDST – Black people really need to WAKE UP!!   WHY?  ANSWER:  Everything Black people have in America and the West comes directly from Whites and others.  WHY? ANSWER:  Because whatever we have is what they allow us to have, including our income, access to technology, lifestyles, and in millions, their  "Mindsets", "Mentalities" and "Belief Constructs”.

          Black people have no genuine power in America, Europe. Asia. England or in any other Nation State that we do not control entirely.  The overwhelming majority of Black African Nation States are still controlled by Whites and others.  Millions of Black people swim in seas of "Political", "Social", "Institutional" and "Economic Delusions" and live in "Mind created Reality" or "Surrealism" Bottom Line:  The Twilight Zone.  WHY?  ANSWER:  Because some have more than others. This is also allowed to pacify the remaining masses.

          Now, if you want more Black people to stop being Welfare Recipients, Plantation and Political Slaves, Economic Trophies and Tokens for Whites and others and have a viable economic future of our own.  Millions of Black people are going to need our own "Socioeconomic Development Philosophy" with its own Concepts, Guidelines, Precepts, Protocols, Sustainability Metrics and Systems like the one created by Otis C. Harrison. You can read about it and get the book from here:  Commented on Commented on Demetra-Boxer Maurenzo Smith Deleted By Alleged Girlfriend's Husband During Failed Divorce Talks.


The White World Has Always Been Divided


352.    WND – INSTICATOR – 8/3/2022 – 8:38 PM EDST - As I commented before.  The White world has always been divided.  Review your history of wars and uprisings. QUESTION:  So what is the solution?  ANSWER:  To the Liars and the Deceivers or the Controllers, bring in huge minority populations and ally them to your politics, agendas and cause by promoting "Diversity" and "Multiculturalism". HOW?  ANSWER:  Allow them to vote, earn income, provide pathways for some upward mobility, put some in high profile offices and positions and the rest, give them subsidies, government set asides, grants, other freebies and welfare.  With this strategy you will be able to dominant your conservative brothers and sisters.  QUESTION:  Where will the money come from to make all this possible?

          ANSWER:  From the Central Banks we own, taxes, fees, inflation and from the increased prices of our goods and services.  QUESTION:  Has this strategy worked? ANSWER:  Go to any White Nation State in Europe, then go to England, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada and you will be able to see and witness the answer for yourself or better yet, turn on the TV or browse social media platforms with your smartphones or iphones.  Well...what about the Hispanics?  ANSWER:  It worked, but not with the vast majority. The majority want the real America and not some Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Fascist, Progressive, NAZI or Totalitarian "Hell Hole" that is being promoted by the American Democrat party with over 90% Black support.  

          QUESTION:  Is this why "Reparations For Slavery" is now the number one topic in Black America?  ANSWER: Can you think of a better way or strategy to lock down the Black Vote until the Great Reset is complete?  Commented on 'What's going on here?': MSNBC finds Hispanics fleeing Democratic Party


How Many Truths Are The Masses Believing Are Lies?


353.    YOUTUBE – PASTOR DOWELL – 8/3/2022 – 2:00 PM EDST - I hope the listeners of this video did not miss the profound statements you made that should open anyone's mind -- if there is a mind that can be opened. QUESTION:  What are the statements?  ANSWER:  The Truth becomes the Truth when you agree with it and a Lie becomes the Truth when you agree with it.  This is mind opening.  WHY?  ANSWER:  It begs the question -- how many Lies are people agreeing with and accepting as the Truth?  Your statements also swing in the opposite direction. How much Truth do millions of people believe are Lies?  In this book, you are going to see over a hundred pages of LIES, millions of Black people accept as being TRUE and the Truth that millions of Black  people believe are LIES. You can get the book from here:   Commented on Accepting lies as true.


Democrats, Black, White & Otherwise Sucker Punch Black People All The Time


354.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 8/3/2022 – 10:57 PM EDST - Since, all of us now know Malcolm X was right, when he said:  Democrats are playing Black people for "Political Chumps", i.e., "Suckers", let's examine the above "Sucker Punch", the Democrat party is using on the Ignorant Black Masses.  QUESTION:  How much money are the Democrats reportedly going to spend to build 200,000 houses?  ANSWER:  $35 Billion Dollars.  QUESTION:  What is the average cost to build a house in 2022?  ANSWER:  $300,000.00 or approximately $160.00 per square foot.  QUESTION:  So what does this mean?  ANSWER:  It means you aren't getting any houses, unless they are extremely small.  What you can get are Ghetto styled projects that no urban area wants.  WHY?

          ANSWER:  Because over time, they become cesspools of violence and crime. Bottom  Line:  Black people are "Suckered" again, just like with "Reparations for Slavery" that clearly states a Commission will be established to study the feasibility of it. If it is not feasible or possible, it will never be approved. This is the second FOOL'S ERRAND millions of Black people are chasing, along with the first, "Political Power" instead of "Economic Power and Control" and the Third FOOL'S ERRAND is Whites and others will accept Black people as equals.  This will never happen unless Black people change.  WHY?   ANSWER:  Black people worldwide have no technology, industries, sciences or engineering capabilities that demand equality. Black people in America will always be "Tolerated" and "Desegregated" and never "Integrated".

          WHY? ANSWER: You can only integrate systems and Black people have no systems that can be integrated into anything Whites and others own and control, except Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking (NAC-NAC-NAT) that can seamlessly integrate into any system on this earth or in the known universe.  Nothing, Black people are engaged in anywhere on this planet can accomplish what NAC-NAC-NAT can accomplish in 10 years or less -- NOTHING!!  Commented on Manus Musa’s post.


Planet Earth Did The Unexpected


355.    WND – INSTICATOR – 8/5/2022 – 5:38 PM EDST - What if I told you no scientist anywhere on this earth at any time in world history has presented any evidence that the earth is spinning in space?  What if I told you the Catholic Church came up with the Heliocentric model of an earth spinning and traveling around a sun and the "Big Bang"?   What if I told you no pilot, engineer or builder has design specifications or make allowances for a spinning globe? 

          What if I told you 11 Bible verses say the earth is fixed and immovable?  So who do you choose to believe GOD or man?   QUESTION:  What is the reason for the previous What if I told you questions? ANSWER:  The publication and the men and/or women behind it might be lying to you about a 23 hour day and a spinning earth.  Perhaps millions need to trust their own eyes and not the medias, scientific communities and everything else the Elites control.  Does the horizon meet your eyes at eye level or does it arc downward?  I am sure you can answer this question from your own observations and experience.  Commented on Earth races to complete revolution in LESS than 24 hours

It Stinks To The High Heavens


356.    WND – INSTICATOR – 8/6/2022 – 9:11 AM EDST - Instead of advocating, promoting, supporting and reporting on a "Corrupt" government that needs to be removed, because it is a "Gangster Operation" and a "Criminal Organization", that has empowered itself at the federal level in all 50 states and territories, the Alternative media should be denouncing this government and exposing it at every opportunity.  The Mainstream Media is the PNN (Propaganda News Networks) of America's Deep State and the Alternative News Networks are the FNN (Fake News Networks) of America's Deep State.  All controlled by the Elites.  Just follow the scent because it "Stinks" to the high heavens.  Commented on Democrat working to kill 'Buy American' part of climate bill


No Truer Words Were Ever Spoken


357.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT, LLC – 8/6/2022 – 10:56 AM EDST - No truer words were ever spoken.  Unfortunately, Margaret Mead forgot to mention, not only have small groups changed the world they also rule it with an "Iron Fist” or "Velvet Gloves". Well...what's the difference?  ANSWER:  An "Iron Fist" is a hammer that pounds the masses into submission". This is Communism, Monarchies, Oligarchies, Dictatorships and Totalitarian Regimes.  The "Velvet Gloves" are used to Indoctrinate, rather than Educate, Disinform, Misinform, rather than Inform, Debt Slavery, rather than "Financial Liberty", Self-Incarceration, rather than Self-Actualization, Self-Determination and Self-Realization, 

          The use of "Velvet Gloves" is a how a small group of Elites can control and do control every aspect of the desires, wants and needs of entire nations with Institutional and Media Programming and Psychological Manipulation and Regimentation.  Bottom Line:  Unless you become a "Seeker of Truth", so you can be guided by the "Spirit of Truth", your individual and collective Mentality will be indoctrinated, programmed and conditioned to "Think", "Act" and "Believe" in predetermined political, economic, regional, social, racial, national, cultural, ethnic and religious patterns with the mindsets, mentalities and the belief constructs to go with them.  This is how billions of people ended up being "Stupid" (lacking intelligence), "Suckers" (easily deceived by media, institutional, political and government propaganda) and "Foolish" (lacking wisdom or acting unwisely) SHEEPLE AND CREEPLE instead of "Intelligent" and "Thinking" PEOPLE.


Just Think Of All The Suckers That Voted For Biden


358.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – ED SMITH – 8/6/2022 – 12:01 PM EDST - JUST THINK OF ALL THE SUCKERS THAT VOTED FOR BIDEN.  Like Malcolm X said on Lenox Avenue/Malcolm X Boulevard during the summer of 1963: [QUOTE] "All Black Democrats are Chumps." [END OF QUOTE]  In another speech, a year later that was repeated numerous times, [QUOTE] "The Democrats are playing you for political chumps, and if you vote for them, not only are you a chump, you are a traitor to your race." [END OF QUOTE]  QUESTION:  What does being a Chump mean?  ANSWER:  It means you are a "Sucker", i.e., a person that is easily deceived.

          [QUOTES] "Anyone that is against a nation being great, is truly one of the 1877 London Trickster's "Fools" that are born every hour, one of P. T. Barnum's "Suckers" that are born every minute; one of Vladimir Lenin's "Useful Idiots" that support Liberals, Socialists, Progressives or Democrats.  One of Norman Vincent Peale's "Empty Hearts and Empty Heads" that cannot think for themselves, one of Jacques Atalli's "Weak" and "Fearful" that believe everything written or said on TV or in a newspaper without questioning or investigating; one of Dr. Luis Turi's "Morons and Imbeciles" that cannot fight their way out of a wet paper bag; or one of Alexander Caliastro's "Backward", "Ignorant" and "Downright Stupid", even with their college degrees and PHDs.  In fact, it makes them worse than they were before." [END OF QUOTES]  Commented on Ed Smith’s Meme.


Their Choices Are Another Plantation Or Back Under Legally Enforced Colonization


359.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 8/6/2022 – 1:52 PM EDST – Well, here we go again.  The only places the #ADOS Foundation, the FBA, CORE, the Urban League, the NAACP, all the other Black nonprofits; including the Black Church  can or will take Black people is to another "Plantation", back under "Colonization" and our continued "Subjugation" in White America and everywhere else. WHY?   ANSWER:  None of these organizations and groups have a "Socioeconomic Development Philosophy", Programs, Systems, Ideology or Mission Statements that can or will take Black people anywhere else.  QUESTION:  How can you tell?

ANSWER:  The track records speak for themselves.  After years of supporting and believing in all the above, Black people still can't manufacture a button in a factory we own or process a slice of baloney in a plant that we own. This is a monumental failure in anyone's book except in ours.  99.99% of the world's population do not know the difference between a "Sovereign" and a "Citizen". Why is this important to know?  ANSWER:  Sovereigns have RIGHTS, Citizens have only PRIVILEGES.  The Anna Von Reitz video is the best 12 minutes and 21 seconds you will find on this particular subject matter.  Commented on Manus Musa’s post.



Chapter 9:  excerpts


YouTube, Social Media

& Online News Comments 401-450


Wake Up From Your I Have A Dream


401.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – CHRIS TURMAN – 8/25/2022 – 12:09 AM EDST - WAKE-UP from your I have a Dream.  Black people are in a White Nation State and no successful Black Nation State exist anywhere in Africa to provide any leverage for anything.  Dr. Umar Johnson's Delusion of Inclusion afflicts many Black people and these Delusionary States of Mind are encouraged by White Liberals in order to maintain our continued "Subjugation" and "Political and Economic Exploitation.

          Black people are a colony in a Federation of States and a Confederation of States that were established in 1776 and formalized in 1783 by the Treaty of Paris. Everything that Black people have in America, including our very existence is based on what White people and others will allow.  WHY?  ANSWER:  The vast majority of Black people at this point in time are too "Incompetent" to exist in any other state, fashion or form.   Commented on Chris Turman’s post.


Is It Possible To Have These Masters Of Fake News Arrested?


402.    WND – INSTICATOR – 8/26/2022 – 5:36 PM EDST - In addition to Journalists being in some kind of twilight zone, mentally in cyberspace and based on the articles, are devoid of character, courage and common sense.  Is it possible to have these masters of FAKE, DESPICABLE and EMPTY HEADED NEWS arrested as co-conspirators in the decline and fall of America?  WHY?  ANSWER:  

          Look at this article. With all the evidence of the past 2 years verifying the 2020 election was stolen, verifying a "Coup" and that the Democrat party conspired with others to seize power by an unlawful and illegal insurrection and these Journalist simpletons are still quoting a Joe Biden who is a Political Thief, a Known Liar and a Known Criminal by his own words. Now you tell me what kind of respect do the vast majority of these Simpletons that claim to be Journalists deserve?  Commented on Biden reprises Clinton's 'deplorables' attack, calls GOP 'semi-fascists'


Vast Numbers Of Black People Are Becoming A Lost Cause


403.    TWITTER – DR. BOYCE WATKINS – 8/27/2022 – 9:54 AM EDST - The old adages are true.  Seeds reproduce after their kind, birds of a feather flock together, stupid is as stupid does, apples don't fall far from the tree and know them by their fruits, i.e., what they say, do and show you.  Vast numbers of Black people are becoming a lost cause.  Commented on Dr. Watkins’ tweet.


A Fool’s Paradise


404.     TWITTER - MYCHAL MASSIE – 8/27/2022 – 10:35 A.M. EDST - I remind you of Malcolm X on Lenox Ave., in Harlem, NY in 1963: Only a Fool votes for a Democrat and all Black Democrats are Chumps.  Look at the America the Democrats and their Enablers, Voters and Supporters have created, i.e., A FOOL'S PARADISE.  Commented on Mychal Massie’s tweet.


An Analysis Of A Kevin Samuels Video Part 1 Of 2


405.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 8/27/2022 – 1:01 PM EDST - PART 1 of 2:  As the evidence shows, AAERTT's leadership demands, we do some thinking to address the issues presented in any postings that they do.  As Muhameen says: EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION, YOU MUST HAVE THE COURAGE TO ACCEPT IT.  Kevin Samuels just showed the entire world he is a few cards short of a full deck and his elevator is stuck in the basement.

          The young lady is right.  Black men, like Malcolm X, David Carroll, Henry Sylvester Williams, John Henrik Clark, P. L. O. Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Yosef Ben-Jochannan and a few others are hard to find.  WHY?  ANSWER:  IT TAKES REAL COURAGE, SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF-ACTUALIZATION, DETERMINATION AND REALIZATION; ALONG WITH REAL INTELLIGENCE AND NOT JUST SOME TRAINING, SKILL SET ACQUISITION OR SOME EDUCATION TO BE A REAL MAN (BLACK, WHITE & OTHERWISE).

          Simps, Whimps and Males (Black, White and otherwise) can survive with "Common Sense Reasoning", i.e., doing whatever is necessary that requires none of the above stated.   In fact, millions can live and die without ever using any rationality, logic or any intellectuality at all.  By his answers, Kevin Samuels also showed the world he is also a classic example of the hundreds of millions of "Feckless" and "Incompetent" Black males that populate Black Africa, America, Europe, England, the Islands, the remaining Nation States in Western Civilization and everywhere else with insignificant, small, medium or large Black populations. 

          These people really believe being a Black TOKEN OR TROPHY or begging Whites and others for opportunities, jobs, careers, status and/or positions in White Society or in any other non Black society is a sign of success and millions of other spineless and mindless Black people believe it too. 

          Until Black men and the world's Black population can come out of their hearts and mouths and promote and support their own Socioeconomic Development Philosophy, like Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking (NAC-NAC-NAT), Black men will have nothing substantive to say or offer to any Black woman anywhere or to any other woman except sex and babies that many don't want to own or support.  

          And -- Black people will remain 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd or No Class citizens in White, Oriental, Jewish or Western Asian countries and societies even with a Rolls Royce parked in the yard.  If Black males sincerely want to get off their hands and knees and stop Prostrating and Prostitutionalizing themselves before Whites and others and become and be REAL BLACK MEN, it starts here with this book.  Commented on Chris Turman’s Kevin  Samuels video.


An Analysis Of A Kevin Samuels Video Part 2 Of 2


406.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – CHRIS TURMAN – 8/27/2022 – 4:19 PM EDST - PART 2 of 2: In PART 1, we addressed the issue of "Feckless" and "Incompetent" Black males that are the vast majority in the Black social order worldwide that have no idea of what it takes to be a Black man.  In PART 1, we gave you some of the requirements of Manhood in any creed, race, ethnicity or nationality.

          In PART 2, we'll address the issue of why so called High Value or Successful Black men don't want real Black women around them except Vladimir Lenin's "Useful Idiots" like Maxine Waters, Oprah Winfrey, Joy Reid, Whoopi Goldberg, Kentanji Brown Jackson and a few thousand others just like them  WHY?  ANSWER:  Any real Black woman reminds a Black male that he has to be a "Real Man".

           The vast majority of Black males have no desire to be a "Real Man".  WHY? ANSWER:  In addition to the requirements stated in PART 1, Manhood also demands genuine SPIRITUALITY, ACCEPTING AND UNDERSTANDING UNIVERSAL ACTUALITY AND REALITY AND HAVING ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY in a wide range of Actuality and Reality constructs;, ergo,  MALEHOOD IS NOT MANHOOD and FEMALEHOOD IS NOT WOMANHOOD.

           We; as a race of people, are fortunate to still have millions of real Black women that sincerely want to be with real Black men.  Unfortunately, for these women, this is not the case.  What the vast majority of Black women will find are millions of "Feckless" and "incompetent" Black males just like Kevin Samuels and hundreds of Black teachers, preachers, entrepreneurs,. Politicians, YouTubers, TikTokers and BLMers just like them.  This is why so many choose to be alone, and it if were not for the natural sex drive in women and men, there would be few Black children on this planet and 79% of all abortions by Planned Parenthood would not be Black babies.  

          To be a real man also requires competing at the International level in over 600 arts and sciences.  Something the vast majority of Black males have not done in over 5,000 years.  If Black women want to transform the "Feckless" and "Incompetent" Black males in their neighborhoods or wherever they encounter them, you will need to go here:  https://acdnac.orgFinal comment on Chris Turman’s Kevin Samuels video.


It is Not White People’s Responsibility, Its Ours


407.    TWITTER – DR. BOYCE WATKINS – 8/27/2022 – 6:03 PM EDST - It's not White people's responsibility to provide Black people with laughs or fun and games. This is our responsibility. White people don't need Black people for a good laugh, there are already enough clowns in towns and Washington, DC to go around to all of them that need it.  Commented on Dr. Watkins’ tweet.


When Did Filming Landmarks Become Illegal?


408.    WND – INSTICATOR – 8/27/2022  – 6:45 PM EDST - When did filming landmarks become illegal?  ANSWER:  When you White people allowed the Demon-Rats, the Deep State and their Lackeys to steal the 2020 election in an insurrection and allowed it to remain for 2 years while you hope and pray for elections in 2022.  If you put up with that, along with the assassination of JFK and 9/11/2001 -- You White people will accept and put up with anything -- even accepting a lump of excrement as Jesus Christ if the media told you it is really him.   Commented on Warning: Your iPhone video of Mt. Rushmore 'could land you in jail'


How Did Woke Gender Theory Get Into Schools?


409.    WND – INSTICATOR – 8/27/2022  – 7:07 PM EDST - Woke gender theory embedded in 4,000 American schools. How did this happen?  ANSWER:  When Christian White people forgot what it means to be Christians and decided to become CINOs (Christians-in-name-only).  While this was happening, millions of other White people decided to go-along-to-get-along, just as long as they had some income, a habitat, could eat, watch some movies and games on TV or cable and engage in recreational sex whenever the need arose.

          In the meantime, Black people were rioting in many cities and calling everything White Racists -- and other White people accepted this and went-along-to-go-along.  As you can see from the above satirical responses,  millions of White people have forgotten what it means to be blessed and born into the greatest civilization in modern history and you simply have allowed the fools and idiots in your race to destroy everything your ancestors created and built with their Neo-Liberal Tomfoolery, Buffoonery and Abject Stupidity.  Commented on Woke gender theory embedded in 4,000 American schools.




Chapter 10:  excerpts


YouTube, Social Media

& Online News Comments 451-500


Americans Censored Themselves By Accepting A Stolen Presidency


451.    WND – INSTICATOR – 9/3/2022 – 8:07 PM EDST - White House: No comment on alleged collusion with Big Tech censorship: Is the White House colluding with Big Tech to Sensor Americans?  What a DUMB QUESTION?  WHY?  ANSWER:  Americans censored themselves by accepting a Stolen Presidency, a Criminal Administration like Joe Biden's, a Corrupt Congress, Judiciary, Government Agencies and Departments; as well as, censoring themselves about the Corruption, Deceit and Deception in Quasi-Government Operations like the Federal Reserve, the CDC and the FDA.

          They further censored themselves by accepting a Lying, Deceitful and Corrupt Media and Press.  The so called Alternative Media has become Controlled Opposition or another avenue to continue the Deceit, Deception, Corruption and the Criminality that now exist virtually everywhere in the Nation States of Western Civilization. Commented on White House: No comment on alleged collusion with Big Tech censorship


The MainStream Medias in Western Nation States Are Deep State Propaganda Machines


452.    WND – INSTICATOR – 9/3/2022 – 8:07 PM EDST - We peasants aren't listening! The elite media's echo chamber:  WHY?  ANSWER:  The media in the Nation States of Western Civilization are propaganda machines for the Deep States that exist in every Western country.  Their job or role is to continue the Brainwashing, Conditioning, Indoctrinating, Manipulating, Programming and Psychologically Regimenting the Ignorant Masses that have developed the habit of watching network and cable news and shows. 

          In America, FOX for Conservative Whites, Republicans and others, MSNBC for Liberal, Left, Far Left, Socialist, Marxist, Progressive, Fascist, NAZI and Democrat Whites and CNN for Black people.  Over 90% of America's Black population watch CNN religiously.  Well...what happened?  ANSWER:  They never had true Americans. However, they did have millions of Independents. When CNN lost the Independents, it was time for a change.  Commented on We peasants aren't listening! The elite media's echo chamber


Which Side Of The Political Spectrum Is More Tolerant?


453.    WND – INSTICATOR – 9/3/2022 – 9:17 PM EDST - Dershowitz: Biden should call out 'the intolerant mindset of many of his own voters': Which side of the political Spectrum is really more tolerant?  ANSWER:  Neither.  WHY?  ANSWER:  When it comes to White people, there has always been a division and a divide that goes all the way back to the beginning of kingdoms and organized states.  The same can be said about every other race on this planet.  Dividing the masses against themselves is power and control for an Elite or Upper Echelon group of people. 

          As long as the masses are fighting amongst themselves and killing each other, they stay in power and in control.  This is why Otis C. Harrison's New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking is so revolutionary.  WHY?  ANSWER:  It is the only philosophy devised by a man (Black, White or Otherwise) that eliminates anything and everything that separates or divides people into factions, groups, sects, camps, ideologies, parties or beliefs.

          It also eliminates anything and everything that divides people by politics, religious beliefs, heritage, culture, region, language, nationality, creed, sex, sexual preference, education, status, position or race. Unfortunately, this "Socioeconomic Development Philosophy" was conceived, designed and written for Black people that are unorganized, isolated, separated and disunited everywhere on this planet. In addition, as a race of people,  Black people are at the bottom of every criteria that is used to measure the growth and development of a race of people.

          Despite its advantages, the overwhelming majority of Black people on this planet would rather die than do for themselves or be accountable and responsible for themselves.  Therefore, when it comes to who is more tolerant, as long as Liberal Whites have a "Carrot on a Stick" for Black Americans and promises to take of them, White America will always be divided and sinking into a Quagmire of Deceit, Deception, Corruption and Criminality.  WHY?  ANSWER:  Because American Black people will support it and vote for it.  Commented on Dershowitz: Biden should call out 'the intolerant mindset of many of his own voters'


Colonization & Subjugation 2.0


454.    TWITTER – DR. BOYCE WATKINS – 9/4/2022 – 5:28 PM EDST - 99.99% of the Black people on this planet have Deluded themselves.  Black people have no systemic structures to Integrate with. The jobs, careers, income and votes Whites have given you or allowed is not ownership, control or integration.  It is Colonization and Subjugation 2.0.  Commented on Dr. Watkins’ tweet.


This Is Why Social Media Censors The Truth


455.    TWITTER – DR. BOYCE WATKINS – 9/4/2022 – 5:45 PM EDST - In Today's America whoever speaks the TRUTH is in danger of crashing and burning.  WHY? ANSWER:  The TRUTH destroys SYSTEMIC LIES, MISINFORMATION and NARRATIVES and it exposes POLITICAL DECEIT, DECEPTION, CORRUPTION  AND CRIMINALITY.  This is why Social Media CENSORS the TRUTH.  Commented on Dr. Watkins’ tweet.


The Average Christian Is A Bible Toting, Scripture Quoting Hypocrite


456.    THE DAILY RANT – MYCHAL MASSIE – 9/4/2022 – 6:06 PM EDST – Why think of John 3:16?  Few if any Christians follow the TRUE AND LIVING GOD OR CHRIST. In fact, the average Christian is a Bible Toting, Scripture Quoting Hypocrite and Phony and if it were not for sections of law that allow it, most Churches would be closed because of Fraud.  WHY?  ANSWER:  It is impossible to be a true Christian and support everything the Bible and Christianity are against.  Commented on Thinking About John 3:16 KJV – Sunday Thought For The Day.


Memes Are Designed For Simple-Minded People


457.    FACEBOOK – AAERTT – MANUS MUSA – 9/4/2022 – 6:48 PM EDST - If this quote is from Jimmy Carter, it is now obvious why he was one of the worst Presidents in America history.  Waste means to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no useful purpose.  Remember:  Memes are designed for Simple-Minded people that do little or no thinking or cannot think at all.  Even with you, their time has no useful purpose (not wasting their time with you). 

            If you are Spending Time, it means you are dedicating time to an activity for which you and the other person/s involved expect to get nothing in return.  This is why the Meme should have stated "Investing their time with you.  WHY?  ANSWER:  Investing your time means that you are engaging in an activity that is designed or calculated to bring you meaningful rewards.  This following article should help clarify matters for the reader and/or members of AAERTT.  Commented on Manus Musa’s Wasting Time Meme.


Liberal Whites Exploit Black People’s Take Care Of Me Mentality


458.    WND – INSTICATOR – 9/4/2022 – 7:37 PM EDST - Fairness in our healthcare system: Remember in a previous comment,  I reminded the reader of an undeniable fact: QUESTION:  What fact is that?  ANSWER:  As long as Liberal Whites have a "Carrot on a Stick" for Black Americans and promises to take of them, White America will always be divided and sinking into a Quagmire of Deceit, Deception, Corruption and Criminality.  WHY?  ANSWER:  Because American Black people will support it and vote for it. Let me also take you back to 1863:  "As long as Black people (the Negro) are in America, White people will be a problem for Black people (the Negro).  As long as Black people (the Negro) are in America, Black people (the Negro) will be a problem for White people."  

          SOLUTION:  Your own country -- and that country was created --- Liberia and it is a Basket Case, like Black neighborhoods in the West and a Basket Case like the remaining Black African Nation States.  WHY?  ANSWER:  Up to now, Black people, worldwide, do not have or want an independent Socioeconomic Development Philosophy to maintain anything with or to build anything with.  In fact, the vast majority of Black people, worldwide, depend on Whites and others to take care of them.  Neo-Liberal Whites are constantly reinforcing, promoting and using this "Take Care of Me Mentality" within the world's Black population to bring about everything you are witnessing now.  Commented on Fairness in our healthcare system


Banning Drop Boxes Is Not A Victory


459.    WND – INSTICATOR – 9/4/2022 – 7:55 PM EDST - Green Bay joins other Wisconsin cities in banning illegal ballot drop boxes:   Banning "Drop Boxes" is not any victory for voters.  As long as you White people continue to use Voting machines and fail to enforce LEGAL VOTES ONLY BY REAL PEOPLE THAT ARE REGISTERED VOTERS, voting in statewide and national elections will continue to be a Flim-Flam and a Scam for the "Ignorant Masses".  Commented on Green Bay joins other Wisconsin cities in banning illegal ballot drop boxes




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Alfonzo Rachel - YouTube

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Annointed Hands - Facebook - AAERTT

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Alex Jones - First seen on YouTube, now on Banned.Videos & BitChute                                         

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C. R. Hamilton - Facebook - AAERTT

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Curtis Bradley - Facebook - League Of Intelligent Black People

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Gerald Celente (Trends Journal) – YouTube





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2nacheki - YouTube

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